Monday September 29


Back squats 5×3.
First time we’ve done these so form more important than weight. Take your time.

3 rounds for time:
10 push-ups
10 V ups
20 double unders (50 singles)

Friday September 26


There will be one afternoon WOD Friday at 5:00 PM. No change to morning class.

Handstand hold practice.
Hold three for time.

200 m run then
3 rounds of:
10 Bulgarian split squats (5 each leg) 10 pull-ups

Finish with 200 m run

Wednesday September 24


Power snatch.
Learn – practice. Complete 10 reps at weight.

5 rounds:
5 ring rows
5 hanging cleans
5 wallballs.

Cashout: 15 c&j with hanging clean weight from WOD – no time limit

Tuesday September 23


Squat mobility work.
Wall squats. 10-15 minutes of wall squat/mobility work.

21 DL 400m run
18 DL 400m run
15 DL 400m run
12 DL 400 m run
(Rx on mainsite was 225/155)


Like I said the other day…the meeting with the web developer dudes convinced me that I should do this myself. Further improvements to come.