Friday July 31

Friday July 31

5 rounds:
5 DL
10 pull-ups
20 push-ups.
Watch the clock and rest exactly one minute between rounds.

Log weight and time

Thursday July 30

EMOM Thursday

21 min:
1st – 3 x (deadlift, hang clean, front squat)
2nd – 5 evil wheels
3rd – 6 burpees

Last minute is max effort burpees.
Log weight and last minute burpee count

Tuesday July 28


For time:
10 push press
50 sit-ups
10 push press
40 flutter kicks
10 push press
30 sit-ups
10 push press
20 T2B
10 push press.

Cash out: 100 DUs

Thursday July 23


15 minutes to work on squat cleans.
Keep weight below max and practice pulling under the bar to low receiving position.

AMRAP 8 min:
30 air squats
20 push-ups
10 pull-ups

CrossFit Basics schedule

Thanks to all the new Athletes who have been attending our CrossFit Basics course for July. We’ve been adding people every week!

SCCF has decided to keep the Basics course schedule for the immediate future. CrossFit Basics classes will be held each Tuesday and Thursday evening @ 6:30. If you have ever wanted to try CrossFit this is your chance. $60 for three weeks of Basics classes and an additional week of normal class WODs.

No previous CrossFit experience necessary…just be ready to work.

Tuesday July 21


Strength: Weighted pull-ups 3-3-3-3.
If you don’t have dead hangs yet do these wherever you are on the pull-up progression.

Hanging power cleans.
Do 10 (4 count) flutter kicks between the rounds