New Years Resolution Special

On Tuesday January 5th at 6:30 PM we will begin our next session of CrossFit Basics. The course is six Basics classes plus a full week of regular CrossFit sessions for 60$.

WOD with us and change your life.




CrossFit Basics schedule

Thanks to all the new Athletes who have been attending our CrossFit Basics course for July. We’ve been adding people every week!

SCCF has decided to keep the Basics course schedule for the immediate future. CrossFit Basics classes will be held each Tuesday and Thursday evening @ 6:30. If you have ever wanted to try CrossFit this is your chance. $60 for three weeks of Basics classes and an additional week of normal class WODs.

No previous CrossFit experience necessary…just be ready to work.

CrossFit Basics

Tomorrow is day 1 of our July CrossFit Basics course. We begin at 6:30PM. If you want to give CrossFit a try or just want to know how it works come by and jump in on the class.

Schedule Update

Schedule Update:

No Saturday class this weekend. You should go run to prepare for the Haw Ridge 7 mile Trail Race (more on that later).

Monday through Thursday of next week Michael will coach the 6:00AM class and one afternoon class at 5:00PM. No 6:00AM class on Friday. Johnny will coach Friday at 5:00PM and the Saturday 9:00AM class.

Schedule Update

Christmas schedule update:

No afternoon classes on Friday 19th and Monday 22nd.

No Saturday free class on 20th.

Full schedule Tuesday 23rd.

Closed Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th.

Full schedule Friday 26th.

Love you guys…Have a very Merry Christmas!


Michael will not be able to attend this afternoon’s classes….So the 5:30 class will be CrossFit Basics only – no regular WOD. Normal classes @ 4:30 and 6:30

CrossFit Basics Class

On Tuesday October 14th we will begin our first CrossFit Basics course. The course is a six session – three week class that will run on Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30 PM. This course is designed to introduce the CrossFit beginner to all the basic movements of CrossFit and the structure of different CrossFit workouts. Use the CrossFit beginner class link on the home page to contact us for more information.


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